Associate Professor 

Prue Cormie



Prue is an accredited exercise physiologist, researcher and speaker who is internationally recognised as a leader in the field of exercise and cancer.

About Prue


Prue is driven to enhance the lives of people with cancer through best practice exercise. Her extensive research, clinical and teaching experience coupled with her pragmatic approach has resulted in content that can be immediately implemented into practice.


She established Exercise Oncology EDU in 2015 to help more people with cancer access best practice exercise. Our courses help exercise specialists work more knowledgeably and confidently with people who have cancer. Prue's speaking engagements raise awareness of the profound impact exercise has on the lives of people with cancer and help health professionals integrate exercise into their clinical practice. Her consulting work helps organisations develop and improve exercise services for people with cancer.  


Prue has been recognised with numerous awards, secured over $10 million in research grant funding, published over 90 scientific research articles, been invited to present her work at over 200 scientific conferences and seminars including a TED talk.  

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